Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Amazon Echo

Hey Guys!
You may have heard about Amazon's new Bluetooth speaker: the Amazon Echo. This is a speaker intended on being kept in a room of your house, so that you can speak to it. It has a Siri type interface, with you being able to ask it questions, yet you don't need to press any buttons, as it responds to the name "Alexa" This would mean that if, for example, you were cooking and couldn't press a button but needed to know something, then you would just ask Alexa.

There have been many worries about security, as the actual device cannot decode the speech itself. It will be able to recognise a specific trigger word, but not the whole speech, therefore your words must have to go to a data centre somewhere to be processed. This worries some people, as nobody knows what Amazon will do with your speech.

Always ready, connected, and fast. Just askImage from
The device looks nice, with it's polished black surface. When the trigger word is heard, the top disc lights up to show it is active. This is a nice touch, but could be a bit strange if you say a certain word and a light flashes. The current questioning system is said to not be too good at the moment, but will expand out in the future, so that more questions can be recognised.

My verdict: It's a good device, especially if you are a prime member, and extremely good value for money at only $100 if you are a prime member. The echo official website can be found here.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

New Logo

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to write a quick post about my new logo! So, here it is:
Yep, its massive, and that isn't even the full size(The wonder of infinitely scalable vector graphics) I used ArtRage to create the actual brain, so mainly the right side. I then took this image into Corel Draw 12 to create the whole "PCB" look. I intended to put all of the basic parts of an actual computer, just for a laugh. I have the CPU at the bottom, and that is a 6502 processor. This is the processor that was in the old BBC micro, back in the 1980s, and, for all of you pedantic people out there, I know the 6502 processor is DIL(Dual In Line) but by the time that I had remembered, it was too late. The GPU is an Mvidia GTX960(Mvidia for Matt Nvidia) And also, I found it a bit ironic that a 6502 from the 80s is working with a top-notch modern day GTX960 The hard drive sometimes has difficulty remembering what it is, so it is quite happy when it does remember. the piece at the top goes to the other side of the brain.

I will be using this logo for twitter and google+ at the moment, and if I ever need it for more stuff, then I will. I know this isn't a full computer, as it needs RAM and a power supply etc. but I am not looking for perfection, I am looking for a good logo that I can use. It is themed upon the fact that the left side of you brain is used for logic, and the right side is used for creativity, hence the circuit being on the left.

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Geometry Dash Glitch!

Hey Guys!

I play the popular game known as "Geometry Dash" and have put a video on YouTube of on an awesome glitch that temporarily removes the contents of the level, so you can complete it effortlessly. If any of you play geometry dash, then make sure to check out my video of the glitch, to support me and to amaze your friends! Thanks to JDawg for finding this glitch, and, by the way, he is 250th in the world at geometry dash now, because of this awesome bug!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Microsoft HoloLens

Hey guys,
Sorry about this post being a bit late, but this is the first actual post of this blog, so I wanted to make it something good. The HoloLens is Microsoft's newly announced hologram, giving people the ability to mix the real world with the virtual one. Microsoft say to have been working on the HoloLens for 5 years, with only 1000 people in the world knowing about it, until it was released on 21st January. The device is head  - mounted, and uses augmented reality to make objects look like they are in the real world. It is a fully standalone computer, not needing to be tethered. It is more aimed at being for home or work use, it not being intended to be used out in public.

The HoloLens will run windows 10, and should be coming out at the same time as Windows 10 (which, by the way, is free to all windows 7 and 8 users if you get it within a year of it coming out) My estimate it that it will cost around £1000($1500)


In the promotional video of the HoloLens, it is shown to have many uses. It shows someone having a Skype call, and later on being shown how to fit plumbing, with live annotations appearing on the pipe. There are people designing on motorbikes, and someone puts something onto the real model as an idea. A person is playing minecraft via the HoloLens, so it is now clear why microsoft bought minecraft. Microsoft are now teamed with missions to Mars, so that they can use HoloLens to actually feel like they are in space. A demonstration showed a child drawing a rocket, and then the dad builds it in "Holo Studio" - this is Microsoft's new creation app to be used with the HoloLens, for creating 3D objects objects, with the added functionality that you can print them on a 3D printer.

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Monday, 2 February 2015


Hey guys!
Welcome to the Geek Circle blog! This is the place to find out about the latest tech and geek news! I will be blogging on the latest news in anything for geeks! This blog is the place to find out about anything from the latest windows updates to the longitude prize! I will try to post whenever there is some geek news worth putting on here, so that you guys get updated as soon anything is announced.
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