Sunday, 29 January 2017


As stated in my previous post, I am good at analytical thinking - problem solving to achieve a result. I have many skills and hobbies oriented around this style of thought; 

I speedcube, solving 'Rubik's Cube' as fast as possible, and have reached a personal best of 15.65 seconds. I have also attended 4 official competitions, reaching an official best of 19.30. I can also solve many other format of puzzle, such as cubes of size up to 7x7x7. For my full competition results, check out my stats page. Cubing requires the type of a mind that can flex to visualize how each piece orbits around the cube, and can overcome problems that occur. I have taught a lot of my friends to speedcube, but they had it the easy way: They had me to teach them; If they make a mistake they ask me what's wrong, yet if I made a mistake, I had to work out what I was doing wrong and try to overcome the problem myself.

I write code; My fave is C#, I have written some pretty fun code that took a lot of thinking. C# really takes some time to think through how the code works, as it is a backend language. I am much more into writing the algorithmic code of the backend, instead of creating the clean polished look of the frontend. For example, I wrote a program to solve a Rubik's cube recently; it took a lot of thinking about to write, it's about 1-2 thousand lines of code...

I'm good at learning things quickly, I'm learning to play chess, and I'm learning Japanese in my spare time. I just have to look at something to memorize it. I learnt to touchtype over a weekend in November last year, and I now I can type at ~50wpm.

Let me know what you thought of this post, and if you have any suggestions!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Restart, updates and more!

So I haven't posted on here in a long time (My last post was nearly a year ago!), and I decided to restart my blog, but with a different theme. 

Instead of tech and cubing review-style posts, I'm going to post about me, and how I think. Compared to how other people describe how they think, I seem very different. My mind is highly analytical, good at problem solving etc, and I am going to be trying to describe how I think and what is unique about me.

I am good maths and computing, but I fall down when it comes to English and creative aspects. I often struggle in social situations, and I want to try to describe how.

Let me know what you think!