Monday, 6 July 2015

New Geek Circle Website

Hey Guys,

So lately, I have just been having a bit of a go at some modern-looking html. I started writing a new website to be a central meeting point for all of the geek circle content. I wanted a modern-looking website, as I think that is what makes a site appealing. I found a good-looking css navbar that can be found here. I liked the dark modern look contrasting with the light body, making a stylish, modern look. I added the Geek Circle logo to the navbar and the tab at the top, making it look much more, well, geeky...

I then changed all the content of the navbar to have it things to do with the geek circle. my tabs are: Blog, YouTube and Cubes. Cubes is a drop-down menu with all of my cubes in it.

The current webpage shows in blue, as well as the link that you are hovering over. When one of the pages in the drop-down is currently viewing, it will make not only the actual text when you open the drop down, but the + sign next to Cubes. this indicates that there is more to be shown in the drop down. I made a basic template for the main body of each page with text on the left and a YouTube embed on the right, allowing for both text and visual-based content. I wrote a bit about what I do for the homepage, and for the pages on cubes, I wrote about the respective puzzles. I have contacted the owner of my local CoderDojo, as the CoderDojo foundation can provide free web hosting and domains for kids that want them. I also asked whether I could have a sub level domain for a minecraft server etc. If you want to take a look around the website, check it out here (you will need to edit some of the file paths to suit your system). 

Other than that, keep checking up here for updates on the website!

Keep checking here for the latest in geek!

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