Wednesday, 13 May 2015

DaYan ZhanChi Cube Review

Hey Guys,

So lately, I've been into cubing, and my branded Rubik's cube is very slow and clunky. I wanted to get a new cube, and so after a bit of research, I decided the DaYan ZhanChi was the correct one. I bought it off amazon here. It was £8.50 (~$13) which I think is a decent deal.

So. The performance. The corner cutting is good, about 45 degrees max ( this is how out of alignment the cube can be for it to turn in another direction see this video ) The turning speed is very fast, with almost no resistance, this way I can easily turn the faces with one finger to speed up algorithms.

I'm still learning to solve with CFOP (speedcubing method) as there are many algorithms to be able to do this. Check out the sheet I am using to learn this here. Overall, I would greatly recommend this cube, as it is very reliable, smooth and cheap.

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