Saturday, 13 June 2015

Google Photos Review

Hey Guys,

So recently I was told about one of Google's services: Google Photos (find them here). Google Photos is an UNLIMITED photo storage service based in your web browser (yes, I said unlimited). You upload all of your photos in bulk, and it sorts them out into location, date, 'things' (such as planes, food etc.) and if you're in America, then people (you can't get this feature in the UK). It does this with the content of the pictures (key features etc.) and the metadata of the image (date taken, geotags if taken on a phone etc.) This is useful as it doesn't matter how well sorted your photos are currently, Google Photos just sorts them into easy to view set of categories.

Google Photos also has a feature called 'Assistant'. This is a auto photo editing feature, that creates collages, animations, panoramas and filters for photos. It is a nice feature, adding some good looking photos to your collection. This, as I said, is a nice feature, but I don't think it's necessary - Just a solution looking for a problem. Here are some examples of things Assistant has made:

Collage of similar pictures of me.

Animation of similar pictures of my room.

A panorama of 2 photos of paintings of New York

The Google Photos interface is well designed, looks good, and is easy to navigate: 

As well as having a mobile app with auto backup from my phone to Google Photos:

All in all, I think that Google photos is excellent with as many photos as you like - whether it's me with 300 photos, or my Dad with 56,000 photos, I would highly recommend this service.

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  1. Thanks for this Matt - I was going to ask your Dad about this, and now I don't have to!


  2. No problem - Happy to help out!