Sunday, 7 June 2015

Starbound Review

Hey Guys,

So if you follow me on twitter (If you don't, feel free to here), you will know that I have just got 3 games on steam: Audiosurf, Super Hexagon and Starbound. Today, I will be reviewing Starbound, as it is the game with the most features. It is a space - age 2D sandbox adventure quite like Terraria but involving inter - planetary travel.  All of the generated planets have different traits, animals and terrain types, so there is always something different.
When you first start, you get to chose your species out of 7 via this screen. I chose to be an apex - the highlighted one. You can also choose what you want your character to look like, in terms of hair colour and style, shirt and trouser colour etc. You then spawn in your ship that is broken, and have to repair it to be able to travel. This is the ship:

You can 'beam down' to the planet you are over and then walk around that planet, building houses and crafting machines.

Once you get 20 core fragments, you can repair your ship's thrusters so that you can travel to different planets. I haven't got that far yet, so have not got any pictures or info about that.

In my opinion, I think that the best thing about Starbound is the quests. You get a quest book that guides you on the best thing to do next, so that you aren't just wandering around with no particular aim. This is what makes the game different and unique from Terraria or Minecraft. 

All in all, I think that Starbound is an ace game for people that want a sci-fi adventure where you can build stuff, but you also have aims telling you what to do.

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