Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Super Hexagon Review

Hey Guys,

So today, it's time for the 3rd in my set of 3 game reviews. If you haven't read them yet, feel free to check out my Starbound review or my Audiosurf review. Anyway, today, I'm going to be reviewing Super Hexagon that can be found here. Super Hexagon is a fast paced minimal action game that involves you, the arrow, and many shapes in the forms of hexagons coming towards the centre point. Here is a picture of the game play, from the Super Hexagon trailer:

The whole screen seems to 'bounce' to the music, as well as spin to add an extra level of difficulty. The character is controlled by the arrow keys, the aim of the game being to avoid all of the blocks coming towards you. There are various twists to the game, such as the view becoming 3D or the hexagon becoming a pentagon or square. These also add an extra element to the difficulty, ad it is constantly changing. 

All in all, I think that is an excellent game for someone with fast reactions, patience and that also likes fast paced games like this one. Finally, If you want to check out the gsme without buying it, check out the free online version here

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